Preferences: Style

Options in the Marked 2 Preferences, Style pane:

Preferences: Style
Preferences: Style

Layout and typography

Limit text width in Preview
Set a maximum width for the body of the preview
Auto-hyphenate in paragraphs
Allow words to break with hyphenation automatically
Prevent widows in headlines and paragraphs
Forces a non-breaking space between the last two words of headlines and paragraphs to prevent single words from wrapping to a new line
Generate typographically correct quotes and punctuation
Use SmartyPants for smart quotes, ellipses conversion, and other typography features
Surround footnotes markers with square brackets
If checked, use the default MultiMarkdown formatting for footnote markers (1). Uncheck to strip square brackets
Enable Outline for extensions
Automatically turn on Outline mode for files with listed extensions
Use APA Style
Use APA style outlines instead of the default Decimal format
Style verbatim (code) blocks as poetry
If checked, tab-indented, fenced or included code is displayed as poetry instead of a code block (No syntax highlighting, and special styling depending on the theme)
Allow themes to wrap text inside code blocks
If checked, themes are allowed to cause wrapping within pre>code blocks. If unchecked, horizontal overflow will always scroll
Detect and style RTL text
Detect langauge per element in document and style Right To Left accordingly


Custom Styles
Add CSS files from your drive to have them appear in Style picker menus
Default style
The style selected here will be loaded for all new windows, unless a document-specific style is indicated in metadata (e.g. “Marked Style: Grump”)
Track CSS changes
When this is enabled, Marked will watch the current Style for disk changes, aiding in custom style editing and web development
Additional CSS
CSS added here will be included after the normal stylesheet with all themes. Among other things, you can use it to override settings across the board without editing internal styles


Syntax Highlighting
Turn on highlight.js syntax highligting for code blocks
Enable MathJax
Loads MathJax for displaying MathML equations
Enable KaTeX
Loads KaTeX as an alternative to MathJax. Only one or the other may be selected.

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