Keyboard Shortcuts

A floating panel with a shortcut cheat sheet is available from the Help menu, or by pressing ⌥⌘K.


Shortcut Function
⌘, Preferences
⌘N New File
⌘O Open
⇧⌘R Re-open Last
⌘W Close
⌘P Print Preview Window
⌘S Save HTML
⇧⌘P Save PDF
⇧⌘P Save PDF
⇧⌘S Save RTF
⌘C Copy
⇧⌘C Copy HTML Source to clipboard
⌘U Toggle Source View
⌘T Toggle Table of Contents
⌘R Reload Preview
⌘1–9 Select Built-in Style
⌥⌘1–9 Select Custom Style
⌘/ Gear Menu
⇧⌘= Increase Text Size
⇧⌘- Decrease Text Size
⇧⌘0 Reset Text Size
⌘M Minimize
⇧⌘F Keep on Top
⌃⌘B Show Boundaries of Included Files
⌃⌘L Validate URLs
⌃⌘W Visualize Word Repetition
⌥⌘S Document Statistics
⌥⇧⌘S Readability Statistics
⌘I Detailed Statistics
⌥⌘C Toggle Custom Processor
⌘F Search
⌘G Highlight next match
⇧⌘G Highlight previous match
⌥⌘← Collapse all sections
⌥⌘→ Expand all sections
⇧⌘V Preview Clipboard
⌃⌘S Save Clipboard Preview
⌘ (Backslash) Toggle Fountain\Scrivener Comments

Quick Toggles

Extra keyboard shortcuts for toggling common global preferences.

Shortcut Function
⌃⌥⇧L Retain Line Breaks
⌃⌥⇧I IDs on Headlines
⌃⌥⇧Y Strip YAML
⌃⌥⇧M Strip MMD Metadata
⌃⌥⇧S Scroll to First Edit
⌃⌥⇧C CriticMarkup Always
⌃⌥⇧T Smart Typography
⌃⌥⇧H Process Inside HTML

Preview Navigation

Press “?” at any time to view the following shortcuts in the Preview window.

Shortcut Function
t or gg Jump to Top
b or G Jump to Bottom
⇧1–9 Bookmark Scroll position
⌥1–9 Bookmark Nearest Headline
⌘D or `` Add next available bookmark
1–9 Scroll to Bookmark
0 Display Mini Map
N/P Next/Prev Bookmark Numerically
n/p Next/Prev Bookmark in Page Order
j/k Scroll Down/Up
J/K Scroll Up/Down Faster
,/. Navigate All Headers
</> Navigate H1/H2 Headers
e Jump to Most Recent Edit Point
s Auto-scroll
S Reverse Auto-scroll
⇧←/ Speed up/Slow down auto-scroll
f Open “fast switcher”
I Display current included filename
z Zoom Overview toggle
[ / ] Navigate target highlights
{ / } Navigate all highlights
Escape (⎋) Close Overlay/Deselect Text
h/? Show/Hide Help HUD

Table of Contents Navigation

When the Table of Contents is open, you can navigate via keyboard.

Shortcut Function
⌘T Open TOC
j/ Select first/next item
k/ Select previous item
o Scroll to selection
Space Open TOC quick-search
/Tab Select first search result
Escape Clear search/Dismiss TOC

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