CriticMarkup allows editors to provide feedback within Markdown documents. When enabled under the Marked 2 Preferences, Proofing pane, the Marked preview will provide three tabs whenever CriticMarkup syntax is detected: the Markup version showing insertions, deletions and comments inline, the original version before edits, and the edited version as it would appear if all the edits were accepted.

You can toggle CriticMarkup support for any document from the gear menu or using C.

Switch views in a CriticMarkup preview quickly with { and }

When CriticMarkup is active, word count and document stats will change based on the view you’re currently in. This allows comparison of the basic statistics and word, sentence and character counts between the original and edited versions of a document.

For more information on CriticMarkup and integration with your favorite text editors, see the CriticMarkup homepage.

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